Brown & Dark Brown Palette

Brown & Dark Brown Palette
(Brown & Dark Oak, Solid Australian Species)

Always in Style.

Our brown and dark oak floors have been loved for decades, and for good reason. Classic, warm and comforting, they create a welcoming feeling from the moment you step through the door. Easy to style and simple to maintain, these floors will never go out of fashion.

— A natural look that never dates
— Rich, warm tones look luxurious with any joinery options
— Create either a cozy look or a formal feel with your choice of furniture
— Popular in contemporary, traditional or rustic style homes
  • Milano Oak
  • Black Forrest
  • Mink Grey
  • Dark Oak
  • Smoked & Black
  • Antique Ale Brown
  • Toasted Oak
  • Spotted Gum
  • Brown Black