Limewash Palette

Limewash Palette (Limewash Oak)

Contemporary Coastal.

With its beautifully bleached and lightly weathered appearance, limewash oak makes every day at home feel like a beachside holiday. Traditionally seen in coastal homes, this airy scheme has made its way into the big city, with homeowners everywhere loving its laidback look. The lighter colour of lime wash oak accentuates its natural tones and grains, giving it a fresh and modern feel.

— Inspired by lakeside, coastal and nautical design
— Lightly weathered appearance creates a laidback, beachy look
— Works well with neutral walls and bright soft furnishings
— Lighter colour hides dust and makes cleaning a breeze
  • Limed Oak
  • White Smoked Oak
  • Smoked & Limed
  • Danish White
  • Arctic Oak
  • White Smoked Chevron
  • Ghost White
  • Smoked & Limed
  • Smoked & Limed